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By the Grace of Allah, the Exalted, Jamia Ahmadiyya UK has been publishing its yearly collection of new articles written solely by the teachers and students under the title ‘Majallatul Jamia’. This year it has achieved a milestone as it’s our 15th consecutive Majallah. The humble journey started in 2010 and now by the blessings of Almighty Allah it has entered into a mature sphere. Apart from regular features the readers can read 16 articles covering multiple interesting topics which the readers will find beneficial. A quality publication is not possible without a well-coordinated teamwork of dedicated individuals.

This year Tamseel Mushtaq Ahmad was given the responsibility of editorship who put his best efforts to complete this project in due time. He was ably helped by Mirza Labeed Ahmad, Aamar Shezad and Labique Ahmad in enriching the designing along with other team members.

May Allah bless the entire team in manifold. I would like to pay thanks to all those as well who have written articles for it. May Allah give all of the above the best reward in the both worlds. Aamin.

With humble request of prayers.

Hafiz Fazle Rabbi
Editor in Chief

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Talha Ahmad

Entropy of the finite universe

“Some may find it perplexing but it is a simple question of a mathematical equation. A wasteful body cannot be eternal. If it is eternal, it cannot be wasteful.”

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Daanish Khurram

Islam and Liberalism

So-called modernism is clouding the world at a rapid rate. With an increasing percentage of people abandoning ‘old’ customs and traditions in order to keep

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The Team

Editor In-Chief

Hafiz Fazle Rabbi


Tamseel Mushtaq


Hasher Mubasher


Mirza Labeed Ahmad


Aamar Shezad


Talha Daud


Labique Ahmad


Suhaib Tahir Rana


Sarfraz Ahmad