2020 Edition

Publications of an educational institution also serve as a mirror of its academic level based on its curricular and extra-curricular activities and endeavours. Majallatul Jamia UK is thus an annual reflector of this kind, and currently passing through its 11th consecutive year of publication.

This year Majallatul Jamia is producing 10 articles on various topics. Since last year we have started producing the English rendering of the Urdu article “Pur Hikmat Nasaahi” which is a compilation of valuable pieces of advice, given by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V abaabbreviation for “May Allah be his helper” to the students of Jamia UK during One-to-One ‘Mulaqats’. Apart from this, 9 articles have been penned down covering a variety of interesting topics. Hopefully, the contents will prove informative, engaging and appealing to enquiring minds.

This year editorial responsibilities were given to Aleem Ahmad who worked tirelessly in co-operation with his dedicated team to produce the Majallah within its expected time frame, Al-Hamdulillah. Graphics have been improved to a great extent. Throughout the formation period, valuable guidance and support from respected Principal Sahib enabled all of us to carry out delegated responsibilities for a timely publication with required diligence. May Allah bless all of the above manifold. Amen.

Finally, I would like to request the esteemed readers of the Majallah for their prayers and feedback. The Majallah team firmly believes in continuous development to attain higher standards of this publication. Therefore, any constructive feedback and suggestions shall be highly appreciated with prayers.

Jazakumullahu Ahsanal-Jaza

Hafiz Fazle Rabbi
Editor in-Chief


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Maaz Ahmad

Advancements in Technology

Humans have always desired to be social, from communicating via
pigeons to reaching the corners of the globe within milliseconds,
with each innovation leading to another, we never settle with what
we have.

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Aleem Zia

Comparatives of Interest

Many people of the world base their lives around chasing money, not thinking twice about the method they use to make money. But what does Islam say about making money with no effort, i.e. interest.

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Daanish Khurram

The History Of Slavery

Slavery – a word which is not only connected to a specific nation at a specific time in history, it is a word which has

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Arsalan Ijaz

Aristotle: the Philosopher

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle Stagiritis It is hard not to mention Aristotle when we talk about Greek philosophy. He

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Akkash Ahmed

The Power of Will

We come across many difficult tasks within our lives, but can will-power be a main driving force which leads one to reach ultimate success?

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Usama Mubarak

Islam and the Western Society

Society argues that Islam is an oudated religion, however, Muslims all debate that Islam is a universal, eternal and complete religion. Do the teachings of Islam keep up whilst the world rapidly advances?

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The Team


Hafiz Fazl-e-Rabi

Lecturer Jamia Ahmadiyya UK


Aleem Ahmad

Sixth Year Student


Waqas Ehsan Ullah

Fifth Year Student


Shamail Ahmad

Fourth Year Student


Ehtesham ul Islam

Fourth Year Student


Sohaib Khan

Sixth Year Student

Proof Reading

Samar Sheikh

Sixth Year Student

Proof Reading

Mirza Usama Bashir

Fifth Year Student

Proof Reading

Amir Bhatti

Third Year Student