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Adeel Shah

Slavery in Islam

By complete contrast to the ideologies presented by ISIS, Islam not only champions the rights of existing slaves

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Touqeer Tanvir


It is quite astonishing that a lot of the discoveries made by scientists now, have already been mentioned 1400 years ago in the Holy Quran.

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Refugees on boat
Mirza Usama Bashir Ahmad

The Migrant Crisis

In a world where human rights and values are at the forefront, many view such ideas as being on par with other basic necessities such as food and water

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Aftermath of WW2
Fateh Alam

Nuclear Warfare in the Quran and its Grim Effects

Instead of cooperating towards a collective and compete global disarmament of these weapons, research had gone forward to create ever more sophisticated and powerful nuclear missiles, designed to destroy at an unprecedented scale.

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Coast of Rio de Janeiro
Maaz Ahmad

7 Natural wonders of the world

One look into the chasm and you’ll understand why it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the most remarkable landscapes on earth and one of the few natural landmarks visible from space.

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