Atheism, the path to societal degradation

A question that has perplexed society for time immemorial, is whether this universe has been designed by an intelligence outside the realm of our scientific understanding. In other words, does God exist? In answering this, I want first to draw your attention to the laws of nature. And we do not need to look too […]

Dear ‘Absolute’ Freedom Enthusiast…

With the ‘world’ flaring up into a fiery whirlwind of discussion and debate over the complete freedom of expressing oneself openly; with over forty heads of states holding hands in the Paris ‘peace’ march after the Charlie Hebdo attacks; with scores of democratic freedom supporters tweeting and holding up banners of ‘Je Suis Charlie’; with […]

The Ageing Population

Hanafi Mosque

Humans worldwide are living longer. Today, for the first time in human history, most people can expect to live up to their sixties and even beyond.

Why do we need Religion?

As a young Muslim passing through the educational system here in England, there has always been one particular question which has lingered with me, a question which always popped up in conversation, it was something which seemed to bother people; why do you follow a religion, so religiously? They asked. The question was valid, what […]

Islam and the Western Society

Society argues that Islam is an oudated religion, however, Muslims all debate that Islam is a universal, eternal and complete religion. Do the teachings of Islam keep up whilst the world rapidly advances?