Stars: The Unsung Marvels of the Cosmos

Introduction When we look up to the night sky and see the countless ‘white dots’ scattered across the expansive black canvas of space, we are quick to overlook the impossible complexity of these astronomical marvels. From the first elements produced in their core, the very same elements that run through our veins, to their glorious […]

Beyond Earth

It is like life to explore and occupy every niche it can. Whether it was for survival or just general curiosity, our nomadic ancestors did not settle, they were constantly on the move to find healthier land, better environments and maybe new people. Even now, when we have superficially ‘explored’ all of the earth, we […]

Mankind’s Venture into The Unknown

1400 years ago, a great prophecy was revealed from God, a prophecy which would foretell arguably mankind’s biggest achievement; the Conquest of Space.