Entropy of the finite universe

“Some may find it perplexing but it is a simple question of a mathematical equation. A wasteful body cannot be eternal. If it is eternal, it cannot be wasteful.”

Mental Health

What is mental health? The subject under discussion here is of great prominence and certainly, a topic which everyone is ever mindful. The topic which is at matter goes by the world-renowned name of mental health. To begin with, I shall bring to attention the definition of the term “health”. Health is the condition of […]

Islam and the Environment

From the barren lands of Arabia rose a voice that called upon righteousness and the worship of one God. The single voice of the most perfect man to have graced the surface of this earth transformed the inhabitants of this spiritually desolate land from bloodthirsty animals into Godly humans and raised them to the lofty […]

Warnings from Heaven

We see in the world that, whenever warners came, there were the people who believed in them and then there were those who rejected them. Due to this, Allah the Almighty sent many calamities to differentiate between believers and non-believers. The Qur’an tells us that a severe flood befell Prophet Noah’s people, earthquakes destroyed the […]

Water: The Essence of Life

From time immemorial the question of creation has always lingered around and led many on a wild-goose chase trying to understand the puzzle of our existence. However, after countless hours of research by thousands of scholars over many centuries, the equation is yet to be completed. Though we may not have figured out the complete […]

Beyond Earth

It is like life to explore and occupy every niche it can. Whether it was for survival or just general curiosity, our nomadic ancestors did not settle, they were constantly on the move to find healthier land, better environments and maybe new people. Even now, when we have superficially ‘explored’ all of the earth, we […]

Disadvantages of Alcohol

Since man fermented the first beverage some 10,000 years ago, his fascination with this mystical drink has never diminished. In almost every society and every nation throughout the course of history, the use of alcohol has known no bounds. Even in the 21st century, wherein the adverse consequences of alcohol have become glaringly apparent, its […]

Nuclear Warfare in the Quran and its Grim Effects

Aftermath of WW2

Instead of cooperating towards a collective and compete global disarmament of these weapons, research had gone forward to create ever more sophisticated and powerful nuclear missiles, designed to destroy at an unprecedented scale.

Mankind’s Venture into The Unknown

1400 years ago, a great prophecy was revealed from God, a prophecy which would foretell arguably mankind’s biggest achievement; the Conquest of Space.