Magna Carta: The Great Charter of Liberties

On the bank of the River Thames in the year of 1215, a document was signed that kindled the recognition of justice in a society rife with inequity, The Magna Carta Libertatum (The Great Charter of Liberties) was an advancement in the reformation of the relationship between the monarchy and its people, which was well […]

Comparatives of Interest

Many people of the world base their lives around chasing money, not thinking twice about the method they use to make money. But what does Islam say about making money with no effort, i.e. interest.

The Rise of Far-Right Populism in Europe

Within less than perhaps the past decade, Europe has seen a wave of xenophobic, nationalist populism sweep across its shores – indicating that our world is seemingly becoming less and less tolerant at the same time as diversifying. Core issues which are common across the board include a range of scepticism to hatred of the […]