Sahibzada Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad Sahib – A Brief Life Sketch

The Promised Messiah was shown many true visions and prophecies regarding future events in his lifetime due to his immensely strong connection with Allah the Almighty. On one such occasion Huzoor was told by Allah the Almighty: سبحان اللّٰہ تبارک وتعالیٰ زاد مجدک۔ ینقطع آباءک ویبدء منک نصرت بالرعب و احییت بالصدیق۔ نصرت وقالوا لات […]

The Ummayad Caliphate

The Umayyad Caliphate was the second major Islamic government to be established after the death of our beloved Master the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The Empire was ruled by the Banu Umayya or the Umayyad Dynasty from 661 to 750 CE. The dynasty established the Empire under the rule of Hazrat Mu’awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, who […]

Americanisation vs americanization

English has garnered more recognition than ever during this digital age we are currently in. Whilst there is no official lingua franca for the planet, English is still regarded as the lingua franca in many countries and the default language in international business, tourism, technology, etc. According to historical linguists, the English language dates back […]

The Story of Adam[as]

There have been few people in the world that have been known so widely as the Prophet Adam. Believed by billions of people to be their first father, Adam enjoys recognition from Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. But since his time of advent was in the earliest pages of human history, much of the truth […]

Division in the Muslim World

“Internally weak, relatively backward, frustrated, conflict-ridden, suffering from internal tensions, and often controlled & abused by the foreign powers, the Muslim world is in state of crisis” Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman, 2nd Rector of the International Islamic University Malaysia If you were to observe the Muslim world today, you would find little else other than […]

Ancient empires of the world and its civilisation

From the beginning of time, it has been found that people exert control over the population by making empires. Empires have been found in humanity since antiquity. The true definition of an empire is a sovereign state consisting of several territories and peoples subject to a single ruling authority, often an emperor. States can be […]

The Causes and Consequences of the Global Expansion of English in India

English in India is a topic that is very dear to me. My family migrated from Pakistan to England in the early 90s whilst I was still a toddler. Therefore, my first language, which I learnt officially and gained fluency in, was English. However, my mother tongue was still Urdu. This is what has always […]

Pompeii: The City Destroyed by God

Many times does it happen that we turn on the television to find the breaking news that such and such place has just been stricken by a natural disaster resulting in the loss of countless lives and the total annihilation of the region belonging to the poor residents. If we were living 1900 years ago […]