Islam and Liberalism

So-called modernism is clouding the world at a rapid rate. With an increasing percentage of people abandoning ‘old’ customs and traditions in order to keep up with the so-called ‘modern world’. Whilst, in reality, modern ideology is a mirror of the past. We are seeing a repeat of the same vices and ills creeping back […]

Magna Carta: The Great Charter of Liberties

On the bank of the River Thames in the year of 1215, a document was signed that kindled the recognition of justice in a society rife with inequity, The Magna Carta Libertatum (The Great Charter of Liberties) was an advancement in the reformation of the relationship between the monarchy and its people, which was well […]

The Fallacy of absolute equality

Introduction Critics of Islam have always attempted to paint the religion in a very negative light. From the plethora of allegations, a section consists of those surrounding gender equality – more specifically, the rights of women. The narrative suggests that Islam is a misogynistic religion, in which women do not enjoy equal opportunities and freedom. […]

Muhammad: the Liberator of Women

At the dawn of the 7th century in Arabia, a lone voice of light emerged from an era of utter darkness. That voice taught absolute justice in interpersonal and international affairs, equality between men and women and an uncompromising zeal to establish universal freedom. By the age of eight, that young voice from the tribe […]