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A magazine for the students by the students

Publications of an educational institution also serve as a mirror of its academic level based on its curricular and extracurricular endeavors, Majallatul Jamia UK is thus an annual reflector of this kind.

The Majallah contains a wealth of articles which are of wide variety and contain many interesting topics which attempt to engage, inform and appeal to enquiring minds.

These delve into a plethora of subjects and areas of interest, such as science, society, history, technology, religion and much more. Recent editions have had the additions of valuable advice given by Hudhur to various students in their Mulaqats penned to paper.

A dedicated editorial team, alongside key contributors work under the esteemed guidance of Principal Sahib to delegate responsibilities and complete the set work.

The pieces are composed to a high standard and are accompanied by high quality graphics and production to maintain the readers interest.

Multilingual readers have been adjusted for as alongside English articles are also those of the Urdu and the Arabic language.

The relentless hard work which goes to the production of this annual publication is unending, and it has been coincided with many a prayer. Its objective: the enjoyment and the betterment of the knowledge of our esteemed and beloved readers.


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