Poem: The Light of Khilafat

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A vast shadow envelopes all land and sea,
Cast by a wall of a prodigious greed.

For many, this darkness is the light of their hearts
But in reality it leaves it shattered in shards.

In this world lies their only goal,
For the touch of Satan is indelible on their soul.

The shadow of this wall has trapped the world in a vace,
As the temptation of Satan, are sure to entice.

Everything for power, they blindly gave,
Yet none of this will be carried to their grave.

They abandon God, in pursuit of the world,
Nay! They worship many gods so they must be told.

Idols that lay in the goals that they chase,
At the expense of morality, in selfish deeds they make haste.

A light is needed to extinguish this dark spell,
For the world has collapsed and is facing its first knell.

In the hand of God, is kindled an alluring flame,
Leaving all false paths to salvation a mere petty claim.

Khilafat, God’s gift to humanity,
With love and compassion, it rids the heart of vanity.

Under one hand the world can unite,
Divine guidance, a saviour from plight.

The words of the Khalifa are the gateways to heaven,
Hand me a scythe to render my ties with this world severed.

The divine light of the Lord shines solemnly in his face,
In contrast, the light of this world leaves no rooted trace.

You are my gem, my ruby for your Noor is so bright,
Only with your guidance can I reach the heavens with flight.

Your Holiness! Pray for the darkness to no longer endure,
So the light of God’s love shines through white and pure.

May Allah guide this world to ultimate submission,
O your Holiness! Pray that God includes me in His vision.


This article was originally published in the Annual Printed Edition of Majallatul Jamia

Hazeem Arif

Hazeem Arif

Student Jamia Ahmadiyya UK

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